A Bakedjoint- my new favorite place to hang out in DC

This was another one of my husband’s find. A friend of his recently came to visit from Nepal and he wanted her to experience DC. This restaurant to me brings together everything that I love about DC so much. You walk into- what looks like a large store front on the ground floor with large glass windows and no nonsense outdoor seating.

For 11 am Sunday morning, the line around the counter was stretched across the width of the restaurant. A large space with open counter for bakeries and stacked goods and coffee machined was installed on one side of the enormous space. The other side was fitted with chairs and tables of all shapes and sizes.

Long and thin stand up tables, where you can stand and finish your coffee or meal if you are short on time; large sold wooden communal tables where people of all shapes and sizes were eating together; and small and round chairs and tables scattered behind. There were what looked like indoor stadium type wooden planks where I saw one or two person stretched out with their laptops.

A few steps up and there is a cozy seating available with two large plush sofas and several large comfortable settees organized around each other. We quickly grabbed the large plush white sofa- for a 16 month old this was probably the most comfortable seating space one can find in DC.

Amazing no reservation required- first come first serve basis. We sat there for close to two hours and no one came to push us out. We made space for other large groups as they milled in and out. You have to order at the counter and pick up your food at the counter. I saw several cute and homely wooden trays and round wooden platters being passed around.

My husband picked up our food in several small plates of white with blue border. There was a quiche, a biscuit with egg, savory oatmeal, and yogurt with fruit and Granola. And two large cups of beautifully prepared latte and one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The food was fresh, rich, and creamy. We savored every last bite of it. Later, I saw some other dishes that I have noted for the next round of brunch here. A large plate of waffle piled with bacon and fruits and bread with all toppings that you can imagine.

The place itself is minimalist at its best- the décor is light but trendy and cozy. There are no signs for restrooms but letters crawled with a white chalk on the side and the ceilings are exposed. The people were of all types and from all walks of lives- young, old, athletes, workaholics, late night party goers, students, friends, families, coworkers, young and old parents with babies and kids. This was truly DC for me offering space for all kinds- trendy yet simple and practical.

A Baked joint, 440 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001