Snow is here


When I looked up from my moving train window, all I saw was soft powdery snow lightly coating the greys and the dark of the capital city. When I first moved to the US from Nepal in 2001, I experienced my first snow in Iowa at my alma mater. The snow in Iowa is not a joke, more than a foot of thick white pile that has the potential to blind you and that gushes at you from everywhere. When I told people that this was my first time seeing snow, the first response I received from people was ‘but you are from Nepal- the land of Mount Everest’. I had to explain that I lived all my life in Kathmandu valley where it never snows, true for the most part until recently when there were some snow flurries.

Fast forward, a decade later, here in the east coast, there are talks of the first major snowstorm, a blizzard of epic proportions that is headed our way. It is supposed to strike tomorrow. How exciting! But wait the papers today clearly used negative fear generating words like ‘devastating’ to describe the impending snowfall. Yet the picture accompanying the article showed a lady stocking her van with chock full of grocery and a smile playing on her face barely hiding her excitement.

Are we confused? Shouldn’t the words like blizzard, snowstorm, and ‘devastating’ raise alarm bells? When my husband first told me about the impending snowstorm, I was surprised by my reaction. I heard myself say something like they always say that but it never happens; it’s just hype and nothing more. I sounded like a disappointed petulant child. Where did this come from?

Does the snow bring out the child in all of us? It is the time to let go, take a day off from work, go out and play, shovel and flex those muscles, or stay holed up at home without feeling guilty. There will be warm pajamas all day long, hot cocoa, thick hearty soup, fresh baked bread and a fireplace. I cannot wait!


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