Little Bits of Wonder

I was trying to find a topic to write about and it (the topic) happened to me. On Monday, on my way back from yoga class, I heard someone calling me from behind. I turned around and there was a homeless person handing me back my credit card. I had dropped my credit card while fumbling for my phone. My annoyance quickly transformed into relief. I thanked him. I wanted to give him some money but I did not have any cash on me.

I asked him if I could buy him a cup of coffee, it was a cold afternoon. He seemed visibly excite at the offer. We walked together in search of a café. It was awkward. I have never walked with a homeless person before. We tried to make small conversations but failed. I had to go back to the office; my one hour break was over. There was no café in sight. There was a grocery store close by so I asked him what he would like from the store. He asked for only one bag of potato chips. He said the store would not let him in so he waited outside.

I browsed through the aisle of the store and bought him a bag of chips, pretzel, and cake. He was waiting for me. I put the goodies on his black plastic bag that he was carrying; there was a small box of fast food peeping out. I thanked him again and we smiled at each other surprised by this unexpected turn of events.

As I hurried to go back to the office, a middle aged man with black hair and glasses started talking to me. He had seen me giving food to the homeless person. I told him the whole story. He had just moved to the city for a new job and was familiar with my home town of Kathmandu. We chatted for a while. I walked back to the office pleasantly surprised by how this afternoon turned out to be and the random connections that I had made. Things could have gone into a completely different direction. I was chosen today for a ‘random act of kindness’. I realized while writing this that I forgot to ask the ‘homeless person’s’ name.




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