Yoga day !

Yesterday was the first day back to work after a two weeks hiatus. I took time out for a one hour yoga class in the middle of the work day. Taking that one hour break during the busy work day meant arriving at the office by 7am looking like a bag lady (work bag, breast pump bag, and my yoga gear bag). Yoga is not cheap in the capital. A one hour class can run anywhere from 20$ and up but it was worth the splurge.

It was free flow yoga for all stages. The teacher was experience with a gentle and soothing teaching style. The yoga studio was white walled with glass panels on the ceiling; I could see the greys and the blues of the winter sky while breathing my ‘om’ on the mat. It was a wonderful break from the work day routine, and walking back to my office I could feel that extra lift on my steps.

Sometimes the key to happiness is balance, the right amount of family, friends, career, and health. I can always push for a bigger position, more work, but is that what I want, more of the grind and time spent in front of the computer, while there are so many amazing things to experience. It is not always an easy decision; there are days when I am beating myself up for not pushing harder. Sacrificing one for the other does not always feel right; but there are days when I feel completely at peace and yesterday was one of those days. Everything felt just right.


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