Hello World!


It is 2016 and I have decided to take the plunge into the world of blogging. I have been wanting to this for several years now- but yesterday I decided to act. You may ask why. I have a good life- family, friends, job- I have it all but still there is this sense of growing discontent that I can no longer ignore. The mundane, the everyday humdrum of life is precious but also stifling at times. Once upon a time, I used to be a different person with a different life.  I recently came across this quote on the net by Jonathan Safran Foer from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close “Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.” And it clicked. Please don’t get me wrong- I love my life and I am grateful for all I have but sometimes I wonder what if I had taken a different path- what would life had been like.

I cannot and do not want to make drastic changes in my life right now but that does not stop me from reading countless articles about ‘packing up your lives and traveling the world’ or ‘quitting your job and pursuing your passion’ and I salivate and I dream and I tell myself one day I will. I will move into a small one bedroom unit and downsize my life; I will purchase a one way ticket around the world; I will only own a few sets of clothes and shoes and books; I will write every day; I will take long coffee breaks with nothing to do but just people watch; I will become fluent in French; I will read every day; I will practice yoga and mindfulness everyday; I will connect with new people every day; I  will sign up for an internship in  a French bakery; I will talk long walks in the nature; I will learn to do organic farming. And there are more. One day I will do all of these but until then I have decided instead to incorporate this sense of adventure into my everyday life. I am going to do at least one adventurous thing each day and document it in this blog. I am defining adventurous as anything that is ‘not mundane or routine‘. Someday it might be an early morning walk and sighting of deer; or pushing out of my comfort zone and connecting to a stranger; or trying a new recipe or just adding a new ingredient to an existing recipe; or taking an impromptu yoga class; or connecting with an old friend on social media; or a big one like taking a Euro rail trip through Europe with family. I am alive and the possibilities are numerous. So let’s begin !


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